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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.961 Anyway, I won't get into the details of it all, but it was a pretty cool idea, some bundles were really great, and a lot of money was raised. Humble Bundle all of a sudden got really popular.
0.947 I hope you and your gang are well. > > I miss you both > > Best wishes fro a merry Christmas and Happy New Year. > > Herb > Ps.
0.947 I hope you and your gang are well. > I miss you both > Best wishes fro a merry Christmas and Happy New Year. > Herb > Ps.
0.945 The other 3 gods are strong, but don't provide an instant win unless you can summon all 3 and then tribute them for the "4th" god, who is also an instant win IIRC.
0.940 If I say I love my son and my son is in love with his wife, does that ensure his wife loves me?
0.936 All I will say is that there are definitely some Trump supporters who are not racist or not very racist at all, and there are also some who are absolutely and completely racist.
0.927 And likes a later gen pokemon best , meaning she's not just saying it as a fad to get easy likes.
0.927 As soon as I saw something was happening my first port of call was /r/outoftheloop - thanks for the excellent post, and kudos for an excellent all round sub
0.926 > I think it's probably a better experience for you to play a character you're good with rather than the playing the game how your teammates want you to. True for pub games/quick play.
0.922 Great move, apple; I'm sure that'll win you some design awards.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.953 The Assad regime seems to have no problem killing civilians as long as they also get to kill their enemies.
-0.951 Shitty groups composed of shitty people, fighting in shitty culture wars.
-0.949 Horrible UI, loose controls, irritating core loop, slow pacing, no challenges to overcome, no penalty for dying, bug ridden and crash prone.
-0.945 The State of Washington argued that the ban harmed its residents and that the ban violated the law.
-0.934 Hypocrite cry baby ass liberal new age faggot hipsters crying about THEIR new president Trump.
-0.929 They are both pretty much assholes but one of em decided she can ruin the mans life by claiming criminal charges
-0.923 The claim is not, and is not implied to be, "only black lives matter", but rather "holy shit guys, we're killing lots of black people and black lives matter!"
-0.922 Takes some iron cojones to bitch and moan and bitch and moan about the horribly "high" U.S.
-0.921 I can't speak for all of Reddit but he strikes me as condescending, stupid, arrogant, and bigoted.
-0.919 You should google 'black victim, white killer' it shows the way media talks about white killers and black victims.
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