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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.961 I think his most prestigious medal was the meritorious service medal, but he seems to take the most pride in the Republic of Vietnam campaign medal and the RVN Gallantry Cross with Palm.
0.947 Lovely picture <3 hope those couple led a happy live after and that the friends attended the wedding
0.941 There is no greater pleasure that I have in my life than seeing one of my grand-kids gain an appreciation of something that I appreciate or value through spending time with me.
0.938 Exactly! Time ages everyone, but it appears that they've taken care of their bodies, and the fact that they look so content in the photo certainly helps to give them a more youthful glow.
0.930 This looks like a parade celebrating the wild success of the super soldier program.
0.914 It's gorgeous inside with lots of interesting movie costumes, and props, and a pretty nice place to see a movie, too.
0.904 I did so love your last line and it is from things like that that you have said that I feel your adventure will be a good one.
0.903 I love how his buddies are helping him and look so happy.
0.889 That generation all around was something special almost perfection. and they worked like that so their kids and country would be better.
0.888 Now THAT'S funny. Humor soars when we subvert expectations. Thanks for the laugh, dude.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.922 Where's that lump he had on his face in See No Evil Hear No Evil?
-0.883 And this is only counting poverty, not the expansive imperialist wars, coups backed by the US which result in genocide and deaths caused by horrible working conditions.
-0.882 I was born in 95 and had no idea what the fuck he meant for a long time. Now I ask my peers this and I get the same WTF look I gave my dad so many years ago.
-0.852 I find it pathetic that you were downvoted, I guess years of propaganda and shitty ideology worked on America.
-0.848 I hate that he was killed.
-0.847 Even worse, some people seriously believe that "Reverse-Racism" is more widespread than racism of these times.
-0.836 Tragedies happen all the time, worse tragedies, did it make you feel this way because it was so close to home?
-0.830 Cancer, Unfortunately not as cool.
-0.826 Suddenly, out of the thicket came this gigantic fucking leopard screaming towards him teeth-first like a psychotic killer cat being launched out of a horrible predator-launching cannon.
-0.823 Fleming was racist as shit and it shows thoroughly through his character.
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