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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.954 Yeah I made extensive fun of her for that, but it's actually called reptile oil and I guess it works lol. It was a fun few minutes after she brought it out though lmao
0.949 WISE MAN #1: We are three wise men. MANDY COHEN: What?! WISE MAN #1: We are three wise men. MANDY: Well, what are you doing creeping around a cow shed at two o'clock in the morning?
0.925 I think i'm stressing myself a bit too much about this lol, so thanks for giving me honest answers :)
0.922 I know a few people with legit PTSD, like the kind that comes from watching your best friends turn in to pink mist in the asscrack of dirkadirkastan.
0.912 Looking at the pet adoption subreddit will demonstrate that plenty of dogs smile, not out of fear but sheer relief and happiness.
0.905 **Mono goes away on its own**, but lots of rest and good self-care can help you feel better. What causes mono? Mono usually is caused by theEpstein-Barr virus .
0.896 We get beautiful sunny days and nice cool nights.
0.894 Well, what is he then? WISE MAN #2: Hmm? MANDY: What star sign is he? WISE MAN #2: Uh, Capricorn. MANDY: Uhh, Capricorn, eh?
0.894 Go on! WISE MAN #2: We-- WISE MAN #1: We were led by a star. MANDY: Or led by a bottle, more like.
0.891 The lyrics to the Neil Diamond song were of no assistance to OP, but this other song seems to indicate that "Boyz" transition to "Men" when they "make love to you, like you want me to".

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.955 Children who set fires, abuse animals and suffer persistent bed wetting have severe symptoms - usually of abuse and neglect.
-0.913 They're also probably very unhappy - think about how unpleasant it is to feel angry, hateful, and unable to control one's actions or emotions.
-0.889 It's real hard to get the *good* heroin, so if you ever find yourself with inferior black tar heroin and don't want to inject or plug it, cutting it with lactose makes it *much* more snortable!
-0.886 For more information, see Do Hate Crime Laws Violate the First Amendment?
-0.863 > for example people get banned from r worldnews for being critical of islam. How does someone get banned from that Islam-hating shithole for being critical of Islam?
-0.856 Fuck me :( I sent her a pm saying I didn't mean that comment to come out rude by any means.
-0.848 No, decay involves part of the tooth already being dead.
-0.848 What kind of stodgy Hank Hill motherfucker would report the nail polish shit post?
-0.844 /s Been crying off and on all day worrying about this shit.
-0.832 The enemy dead are usually left behind as the unit moves out.
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