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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.930 Hey that's a great idea :) I'd love to see something like this done and then have a culmination of the data in charts showing size of planets, temperatures, and such.
0.923 Looks like the game, we don't know shit about it but it's supposed to be something quite cool and I'm getting super hyped just thinking about what this site will be!!!
0.923 I dunno why but I love the big and weird ones - your first photo is like one of my favorite model types!
0.923 I'm pretty convinced the motivation behind this game was for people to create beautiful wallpapers.
0.922 Perhaps so but I wish I could find a planet with a nice environment and without murderous sentinels.
0.922 WOW thanks for sharing haha going to use this one instead
0.914 I've found planets with money items, but none that were littered with them like I found before. As a bonus though, it does scan when scanning the planet so hunting for them is easier.
0.910 Would honestly be a perfect start to a- well almost perfect game.
0.903 Happy to see a positive community growing while this entire shitstorm blows over :P
0.903 It's gonna be glorious to find out what truly happens :D

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.925 So a thief that gets caught and tries to rectify the mistake is only misleading? Lawyers HATE this little trick!
-0.920 Just tell your audience the basics of what's going on, and you can avoid a whole shit show of anger and rage.
-0.914 This is shit why won't you acknowledge that your game sucks and you are literally criminal Satan??!?" No wonder they don't want to interact.
-0.902 As for the "Putin" ban, in spanish, "puto" is an insulting way of referring to a gay male and "puta" means whore .
-0.900 No apparently the goal is to shit on donating for cancer research because of petty reasons.
-0.899 i posted about this issue before ) but it is hopeless with those die hard fanbois
-0.891 There's no rush, there's no beating this game, there's no point to "beating it" anyway.
-0.891 No, there is plenty of shit that this game does wrong, but your idea on how to fix it is literally the worst one I have ever heard.
-0.887 The biggest disappointment for me right now is how hello games seems to be completely ignoring any critical reviews or suggestions that they lied.
-0.881 I felt that Sean was fairly open about the realities of the scope of the game. I didn't downvote, or watch this vid, but I am getting a little sick of reading people bitch about it.
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