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0.968 Also I would like to know what women think about your charisma and confidence :) And no Im not doing this only for getting attraction from them. I wish you good luck and happy new year 2017.
0.955 Great man, I will try my best, good luck and thanks!
0.943 It's proactive people like you who reap the most benefits from Nofap and it's posts like this.that inspire and motivate.
0.934 Congratulations, happy early merry christmas :)
0.934 Your on a good streak and when your flatline ends life'll be amazing, use that girl as motivation to keep going, haha :)
0.927 My friends friend grew it in his own backyard even though he still lives with his parents lol, so it felt like the safest experience I could have had
0.926 Do you laugh and find things funny more often on NoFap? Btw awesome post thanks
0.916 Even though I've tried kegel and felt like it increased my frequency of WDs, but at the same time it helps holding my load in after a WD.
0.912 :) It will change your life for the better! You will start caring about actual PEOPLE and PEOPLE will start caring about you. Of course, not everyone.
0.903 I know it's stupid, but yeah. Waking up at 4:30 does sound nice though, since some kind of 24/7 fitness will open it's door tomorrow in my town :P

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.967 Sadness leads to anger Anger leads to hate Hate leads to suffering The path to the dark side, this is.
-0.872 Dude I just need to find out the problem, maybe i felt shit because this happened and i will continue to feel shit even more.
-0.827 Now I am 100% like fuck that shit that ruined past me.
-0.807 Anyone on here who's come home alone drunk or woken up the next day hungover will tell you cravings come in full force and your willpower will be weakened to fight it.
-0.794 Your dick ever got so hard that it kind of become painful?
-0.793 Unfortunately the NoFapWars are far and few between but a group of us over at /r/heirs_of_the_sun are starting up a new war that is starting next month.
-0.778 I don't know about vitamin D or zinc but the physical activity for me is a problem, no i don't get nearly enough.
-0.776 I agree with the other part of you, HELL NO.
-0.758 I was completely turned off by the rather pathetic nature of fapping as a way to somehow unproductively deal with stress.
-0.755 Day counter holds you accountable but it's not a matter of life and death.
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