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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.938 Worlds greatest dad is pretty good and has one of the best uses of a song in a movie
0.914 One movie that I love which I am almost positive that you'll love is Glengarry Glen Ross
0.904 It's a laugh track. They record the audience and replay the hardest laughs over the funniest jokes. A joke is not funny on the 4th take.
0.874 Sure, but it changes from "The OC In Space" to "Young-Adult Battlestar Galactica", which is a pretty big improvement.
0.872 Definitely not suitable for binge-watching in my opinion, as much as I enjoy cringe comedy there's so much that I can only handle, just like how I slow-watched The Office.
0.864 there were a couple good bits but donald trump rants do notmake a good comedy special.
0.853 NP, thanks for providing season and episode number :)
0.840 It's a brilliant film, probably Josh Hartnett best film
0.808 Romance is a pretty huge category though so it's tough to nail down exactly what you're looking for...
0.807 this was a great review and mirrored my thoughts pretty closely.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.869 Oldboy and I Saw The Devil are fucked up and they're also classics
-0.860 I love true crime but found Making A Murderer really boring for some reason.
-0.848 No division here, either you hate it or you are a idiot.
-0.823 i hated the books, they somehow made magic boring and the characters were all jerks.
-0.792 The problem that this film has on home media is that most of the scares are jump scares -- something unexpected pops up on the screen with an accompanying loud noise.
-0.775 I did not. Good movie, but I hate it so much.
-0.758 Freaking hate jump scares...
-0.727 Another episode talks about how laws are being passed to stop activists using cameras to show animal cruelty.
-0.723 This is irrelevant, but I hate this movie.
-0.718 Damages Arrested Development
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