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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.908 This could so easily turn into /r/bestof, but instead it accomplishes its goal perfectly.
0.862 I love it when Reddit manages to do something really cool like this .
0.854 Who cares? Like it can't be proven true or false, it's funny and people enjoyed it...
0.836 Good on you waiting a whole 4 months for that sweet, sweet karma.
0.796 I saved a screenshot of that when it was first posted and saved it in my folder of internetery that I keep to scroll through when I need a smile.
0.772 My sister was asking me for great leaders and humanitarians that were still alive.
0.758 I always get a good laugh from that comment
0.743 Me neither till I looked up "origin of grumpy cat" and I was like "wow TIL"
0.700 Thank you OP :')
0.694 *"And for RPG , we don't really do the birth of memes in here, because they'd swamp the place."* /u/UnholyDemigod - 2 years ago http://imgur.com/a/IVUN7 LOL ok then

Ten Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.856 Instead of ignoring negative comments about himeself, u/spez seeks to censor them.
-0.840 I guess rage comics are actually cancer after all.
-0.829 But it's so strange and distressing to see such unhappiness come out of complete disinterest.
-0.818 Self loathing is a bitch.
-0.813 It is annoying if a government blocks something. However it is even more annoying if a random user purposely made a choice to have the website blocked for all of these redditors.
-0.807 I've seen unhappiness come out of bullying or intentional harm...
-0.794 I clicked through to /r/DeadBedrooms following a link in that thread. ... It's a deeply saddening and disturbing place.
-0.727 I'd argue it was r/The_Donald as much as people hate it, they were much more up to date than askreddit.
-0.691 When he didn't comply, they temporarily banned reddit until they worked out the problem.
-0.637 I thought for a minute /u/ddrober2003 died lol. Saw Lee Harvey at first and not Harper Lee and had conspiracy and coverups in mind.
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