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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.909 I can understand why, but it's just odd that all my life I've heard of the beauty of the Grand Canyon but never it's death toll.
0.859 It's like all of the vapidness of Miami without any of the beauty or excitement
0.844 Serious question-how is suggesting treating someone with a genetic disease as a human being worthy of our respect and dignity encouraging the "spread" of illness or disability?
0.844 > But I'm sure your Instagram is more impressive. Oh no, the infamous "i bet u cant do it better!!11 xD" comeback, how will he ever recover from this!?
0.838 Child care doesn't give two shits if it's a mom or dad droppjng off the tyke, they care about the money.
0.833 they didnt cancel flights, so eyes foward, single file line, get to the seat and hope for the best.
0.823 You are an amazing miracle, just the way you are.
0.813 Stay strong awesome family; you'll get through it.
0.813 >Stay strong awesome family; you'll get through it. I never understood why people make these kind of comments.
0.807 Its funny how our dreams can help us out sometimes.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.923 Have you only been poor or have you been in debt too? Being poor is terrible, but being in debt is worse.
-0.922 Personally, I think some of these people kill a helpless person or animal to *firmly* push them over the edge into suicide.
-0.920 In fact, mentally ill people are more likely to be victims of violence than to be violent themselves.
-0.917 Not mistaken or sudden, or driven by rage, or mitigated by insanity or poor circumstances.
-0.914 She says all of the hospital staff felt a mix of sorrow for these patients that seemed to drop like flies no matter what they did and fear of whatever disease was killing them.
-0.900 He cannot face the same criminal charges but a) his confession could be used against him in other cases to argue for higher bail, more severe sentencing, etc.
-0.900 Your home becomes a sad one, the pressure becomes overwhelming and suicide can be seen as a way to make it stop.
-0.891 Not to make any jokes, but someone *did* lose control and kill someone.
-0.874 Less opportunities and funding begets more desperation and crime and drug abuse.
-0.872 It's like telling a rape victim they were supposed to be raped.
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