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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.938 The well is doing a pretty good job of this :D I like this build ^iknowyoudidntaskforfeedbacksorry
0.925 Cooldown can require conscious effort, but it's surprisingly easy to get a tempo going to land the hits just perfectly.
0.904 A simple wiki link explaining how this works *in PE/Win10* would be ideal, I just don't know which are trustworthy. Thank you for help.
0.902 I will log this in our internal bug tracker and take care of it before the next public build. Thank you for taking the time to try out our mod, I hope you enjoy it!
0.893 i hope it'll help me make better pools (:
0.876 :P [Also, I did one *kind of* like this.] But I like yours better.
0.870 I don't want Minecraft loose popularity, I just wish there were more smaller, friendlier communities.
0.870 Haha I guess I'm not the only one that likes making minecraft sandcrawlers :D
0.852 I absolutely love the Biome Bundle; I use it on my home server and the custom terrain is just amazing.
0.848 It's pretty much redstone for redstone's sake, and that's awesome ;)

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.933 Zombies all attack its offending target without losing focus, so by causing one zombie to attack another, the attacker starts attacking itself.
-0.912 I think it would most likely turn into grief, murder, random and pointless destruction.
-0.910 Right click to block 66% of damage from most attacks and 100% of damage from projectiles.
-0.836 bad, you're doing it *wrong.* The blocking was a total waste of time.
-0.832 In that situation, blocking *their* attack leads to both of you going right in to attack again at the same time.
-0.823 By the end of the fight, you should have been able to read your opponent and know that they would try to block your next attack.
-0.823 For zombie pigmen, the attacker can die and the other pigman will continue taking "invisible" hits.
-0.813 I guess this would work, but I can see a new block specifically added for this enchantment becoming strange, or confusing.
-0.791 But upon relogging, the amplifier becomes negative from overflow and then the player takes increased damage. But in 1.11, any amplifiers lower than 0 will be considered to be 0.
-0.784 In your case I'd click one of the combat skills. I can't recall if we put information about changing your attack style into the combat guides yet though.
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