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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.926 Yeah i loved living there saw some cool planes, jets, choppers doing all kinds of amazing things and the jumpers were just cool.
0.925 While I'm sure she probably has some form of PTS, the vets I've spoken with that are dog handlers/trainers absolutely love their animals and always take very good care of them.
0.925 And he was such a nice guy, and just had this super excited, positive outlook on the world that was downright infectious.
0.923 Hope you're enjoying a great Memorial Day with good ole Dad.
0.922 Have a good one m8 and keep making these beautiful drawings :D
0.922 True heroes, I am forever proud and grateful to every man and woman that has served and will serve for this fine country.
0.920 The cooler outside temperatures have awakened the spirit born into her years ago, when men dedicated to excellence took the time and care to build her well.
0.915 If you like it, King of Kings is a great 3-part series on the Persian Empire and that one's great as well.
0.915 It's a beautiful country, man, warm and welcoming people, awesome food and lots of places to see.
0.909 I know a lot of people are doubting his "Iraqi Shia volunteer" status but it is good to keep in mind that certain units within Iraq were actually trained very well by US special forces...

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.978 I'm sorry that ur butthurt, but I don't think you realize that wars a hell scape no matter what era, nothing super special about WW1 JUST that it was stagnant trench warfare.
-0.965 I mean, you still are, but just the different kind of ignorant that thinks that war spending is somehow going to have a negative impact on us overall economically. In that case, go fuck yourself.
-0.960 I get where you're coming from, war is fucking terrible; though personally I don't think a WWI game is really any 'worse' than a Civil War or WWII game in terms of disrespect to the dead.
-0.960 Dead, Dead, Dead from the neck down, Dead from the neck up.
-0.958 Until BF1, they honor those people who fought in the war, check out the campaign, everytime you die it shows a name of someone who died in the war and the date they died.
-0.952 You'd be DEAD DEAD DEAD.
-0.939 What terrifies me is that you either died a horrific combat death or you survived to literally rot away in the trenches.
-0.938 The problem with the Ghurka's enemies is that they keep bringing knives and guns to a crazy motherfucker fight.
-0.935 It would be a completely different story if there were a draft, but that argument that they can't drink alcohol has been stupid since the Vietnam war
-0.935 A member of ISIS was actually just detained in my home state this week. The physical threat of modern terrorist warfare is not the same as warfare used to be.
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