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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.955 Might do Metal Mean if the lineup gets a bit more interesting since it was pretty good last year. I think I'll do Temples as well since the lineup is pretty great.
0.913 Delusions of Grandeur really was something amazing to me, and I still love it.
0.901 Yeah, I still like the Tesla song best :P
0.898 I actually think this is one of Vaders best songs and I like it even better than the original version. Edit: or rather version*s*.
0.888 I nearly wore the tape out when I first got it from Appalachian Noise, but when True Love posted it to Bandcamp earlier this week I found myself revisiting the album all over again.
0.888 Yeah, sounds a bit too much like "Electric Rattlesnake" which is indeed awesome live, so just play that.
0.885 I've played a few hours of it so far and I'm quite happy with it despite the very limited progress I've made .
0.878 Im glad they didnt listen to their hypothetical mother, and Im glad we have this piece of vampiric excellence.
0.858 Listened to this album for the first time a few days ago. Fucking stellar, love the shit out of it.
0.856 If this song came out on a "previously unreleased tracks" greatest hits album of the '90s I would love it.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.917 The vocals are excruciatingly evil in the best way possible, the drums provide absolute nuclear destruction, and the guitars are as vile as they come.
-0.912 Looking forward to Revenge, Pissgrave, Mgla, All Pigs Must Die, Bongripper, Dead Congregation, Conan and Winds of Genocide.
-0.904 The threat of violence as a constant, the sense of restrained hate always palpable.
-0.881 **[Caveman Cult - Savage War Is Destiny] ** Sick, raw, and unfiltered 30 minutes of black/death from Florida.
-0.866 During that time, the government censored the media and art/music, and tortured and imprisoned many dissenters, and amongst them, any possible metal bands that criticized the government.
-0.834 PL is referred to as black/doom rather than the black/death comparison I'm making and that is apparent in the riff structure but it is a hard hitting doom rather than a somber one.
-0.827 Abigail , Revenge, Nifelheim, Unleashed, Dead Congregation and Memoriam.
-0.818 * [Brainshock] -- Holy shit guys this rehearsal from a Norwegian death metal band is fucking off the chain.
-0.791 Again, a sense of contempt and menace in the vocals.
-0.784 **CDs** *Gamma Ray - Insanity & Genius + Lust for Live *Primal Fear - Delivering The Black *Children Of Bodom - Halo Of Blood
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