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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.913 Please put on a cape so we can more easily see that you are a hero. Good Show!!!!
0.906 Good luck, and I'll share it with all my friends here in Ohio as well.
0.900 Try might agree to a higher share to please them, to please mommy or out of benevolent sexism.
0.898 I read the male and the female versions and wow, the male stories were much more compelling and showed concrete hath being done to them. I'm glad this kind of stuff is getting a good airing.
0.896 we just have to do our best to put away the people that deserve it and keep those who deserve to be free, free.
0.891 That sounds amazing and super easy.
0.875 The point of his joke is to make you laugh. > I'm 100% in the clear 100% in the clear from what?
0.872 Imagine having a guy friend who is *immune* to a woman's charms who can take a clear view of women for what they are and share with you his unadulterated view.
0.871 I'm not arguing that people trust journalists less, so why would I have a rebuttal? > we don't need statistics to back up every single popular opinion Cool story.
0.865 It's things like this that make me wish I could get my supposed friends to see why the MRM is so important.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.912 What the ever-loving fuck is that? The part that really gets me though is the fact that he's the teem who impregnated her, not the victim of abuse and rape that led to a pregnancy.
-0.904 It's this kind of attitude, this need to be the "bigger man", the refusal of help, the keeping it in and hiding the pain, that is the biggest killer and worst for of oppression.
-0.902 Instead people responsible for health and social services shrug their shoulders and blame men for using more violent methods when it comes to suicide. Compare this attitude for female victims of DV.
-0.897 Yeah, I may never have to worry about custody laws, but I still fight every day against depression, suicidal thoughts, and trying to get the help I know I need.
-0.895 There will be no outrage in a climate of "Hashtag-Yes-All-Men." That's why that kind of nonsense needs to be called out every time it rears its ugly head.
-0.891 If boys are taught that violence is always bad and that you should not hit back even when you are attacked then where do you get your army from?
-0.881 "Conflicting Interpretations Of Sexual Violence In the International Criminal Court." Australian Feminist Studies 29.81 : 273-288.
-0.878 Really people, we have a boy who is raped by an authority figure, who is silenced with religious rhetoric, and the rapist was convicted, and still she shares custody of the child with the victim?
-0.866 But to have the VA screw up that badly, to have them piss all over someone who gave of themselves to serve, is an inexcusable crime.
-0.856 They sexually abuse a boy, admit it, and end up with suspended sentences because they're poor, deaf women?
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