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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.912 Not that I'd mind another Countdown-esq sounding album but I prefer the more natural sounding albums like So Far, So Good, So What.
0.912 I would love to see a Megadeth get recognition for Dystopia as it is truly one of their very best records.
0.908 I'm happy for Kiko, he's an amazing guitarist and I loved his work in Angra.
0.906 It's really good, if the whole album is like this I'm going to be super excited!
0.903 Love your username :P xD
0.902 Rust in Peace and Metallica's Justice are the 2 best thrash records ever made.
0.891 Music is pretty good, and the intro was a pretty cool touch.
0.883 I dunno I love the whole album, I think it sounds great and there's not a single song I'd skip when it plays.
0.871 Fun show, but wish Kiko played cleaner.
0.868 so that's a great sign) The new members sounds great, really.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.914 I knew it didn't have an a in it, but I'm used to typing in death in death metal.
-0.910 I always thought it was rotten nigger of death
-0.883 Just off the top of my head theres, Set the World Afire, Wake Up Dead, Black Friday, My Last Words, Darkest Hour, Holy Wars, Hanger 18, and a bunch more.
-0.859 Megadeth is so sick I puke everytime I listen to them!!
-0.810 As much as I enjoyed Fatal Illusion, I hate to say it, but this is a shit track.
-0.808 I thought they played well, but the shitty sound at the Aragon did not do them justice.
-0.807 That's bad ass man!
-0.805 It was up at LEGO Cuusoo, but someone in LEGO usa killed the project... Maby it can be tried again later.
-0.772 Gar died, then David Eagle had his heart attack, and now this.
-0.758 Killer songs with no hook.
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