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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.914 Do some gratitude and loving kindness meditations, comfort yourself through the process.
0.908 I was meaning to start last year, but now is a good time too! Honestly I've put it off because, I just feel like *I'm too high-strung to even meditate*.
0.897 Love the book, read it 3 times, so much wisdom in there :)
0.896 Such a beautiful book full of wisdom and catharsis for anyone seeking inner peace.
0.886 Then try to wish well for them - if they were truly happy, they would never have done what they did to you.
0.876 really a beginner here, but i'm reading this book and the quote fit perfectly > "Success?" some people ask.
0.840 thanks thanks thanks for taking your time to write such a thorough answer!
0.837 It only takes a month of dedicated practice, and the benefits are HUGE!
0.836 While it seems that most answers try to give the impression that you can make it enjoyable, I'm going to share another perspective: Self-improvement is not enjoyable.
0.827 It was amazing, beautiful and touching.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.903 I *knew* they weren't true but they would keep coming and it really bothered me. This is a common problem when you start meditating to deal with a problem in your life.
-0.872 When I first started having panic attacks, my problem was that I would get wrapped up in and believe the anxious thoughts I was having.
-0.856 Now imagine responding with frustration, anger, and resistance, as you battle to get rid of it and keep it at bay.
-0.856 Accusations of dangerous insanity is serious stuff.
-0.836 May feel weird at first but after a while you'll almost smile at them, and as they stop bothering you, you'll stop resisting them, and they'll disappear
-0.813 And being upset about a bad session or about a lack of "progress" is still grasping. *Edit grammar
-0.807 You can note that because you are stressed, you will have negative and worried thoughts.
-0.802 Or still suffer negative effects?
-0.796 Is that right? Unfortunately, there's still a stigma in the West against meditation and a stereotype that it's for losers and hippies.
-0.784 I meditated 10-20 mins a day for about 60 days in a row, until a bad shroom trip left me too traumatised to continue. I haven't meditated for about six months now.
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