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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.945 Not everybody likes a full size, and TK is somewhat niche, so TKL seems like a great middle ground. 3) While cool to have, definitely not a must, though it might attract more customers that way.
0.942 Source code would be awesome, imagine the possibilites :) Very nice, great work, man!
0.937 TL;DR this thing was super fun to build but not super fun to flash.
0.932 1) YES YES YES! 2) TK or TKL would be ideal.
0.922 A few days ago I came home to this after being out of town for a funeral- an inspiring masterpiece celebrating another masterpiece.
0.914 ..please rate, like, subscribe join my facebook, twitter, myspace, political party, church and watch all my other videos and please turn addblock off :D
0.908 :-) Hope you get well soon and are able to enjoy the holidays to their fullest!
0.890 Maybe I one day will make it, but hopefully someone else will do it first and post pictures :D I have many ideas, but I have no experience or tools for making stuff like this.
0.884 It looks like Beauty and the Beast :D
0.881 It's just something that a lot of people would love to see some improvement on :)

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.886 I was thinking more "What the hell am I doing with my life?" crazy than "Look at this badass pbt keycap" crazy.
-0.845 My plan is to waste time on entering giveaways that I will never win :D [ ]
-0.784 This looks so freaking insane!
-0.747 Maybe it didn't get a port, but there's no reason Doom couldn't run on a Gameboy.
-0.743 The sad thing is, reasonably, about 1/4, maybe even half of all IBM Model Ms produced have suffered this fate.
-0.735 Damn, that's too bad.
-0.727 Ugh, I still have a Corsair K95 RGB with that ugly tramp stamp on it.
-0.718 The Novatouch is pretty infamous for being the worst of the worst Topre experiences out right now.
-0.718 Trying to think of how they even managed to mess it up that bad.
-0.710 That's an insane amount of lead time for a stolen idea.
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