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0.924 I don't know if this is low enough on carbs for you, but breakfast burritos seem like the easiest to prep in large quantities and save well.
0.910 Well, I love to bake, so have them on hand anyway - you can often find similar things in the dollar store though :)
0.906 I'm a fan of damndelicious and skinnytaste, they have some good crockpot recipes that are super easy!
0.848 its good stuff and they give it away for free too :)
0.844 Would be great to get quantities for everything, looks delicious!
0.834 but i wouldn't have had my success and my tolerance for eating similar meals for a week at a time if I wasn't invested in the cooking.
0.834 Super new to this, all this will stay fresh in the fridge from Monday-Friday? Does the last meal friday actually taste fresh?
0.830 So happy I inspired you!
0.823 rice, olive oil, veggies, beans, meat and some sort of tasty sauce is pretty easy to make in bulk like that.
0.820 this looks absolutely beautiful and scrumptious

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-0.693 Coworkers HATE him!
-0.670 I'm on a big cut at the moment so these work out at: 322Kcal on tuna days, 683Kcal on Hummus and Pita days and 489Kcal on Chicken days.
-0.665 Vacuoles would burst if you put your food in a blender, but a blender sure as hell wont break down nutrients at a molecular level.
-0.625 if you have to cook five-seven different proteins and veg, this is going to be a brutal prep day.
-0.612 I don't track the macros of it but lately I've been cracking 12 eggs in a bowl and beating them up and then chopping a bunch of spinach in there.
-0.593 > I'm trying to help my boyfriend lose weight come the new year but he hates eating the same thing over and over again.
-0.572 then they'd hate you.
-0.572 Why would they hate you?
-0.557 I then overheat just to heat the center and it gets soggy and nasty.
-0.557 No way is it the same for you unless you're doing crazy workouts every single day.
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