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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.912 So it's best to nationalise in times of emergencies but to leave industry free in peace time?
0.893 It's curious that in the 1980 map, Anderson wins states that are considered safely Democratic nowadays, plus a few Democratic-tilting swing states like Iowa.
0.888 Loving that Clinton popular vote win I assume?
0.878 Our best bet now is an extra friendly Trump presidency that will treat us as more than a European translator.
0.872 Based on the Mandate of Heaven doctrine, the "Son of Heaven" is the Emperor of "All Under Heaven" (i.e.
0.872 Furthermore, I can't even tell if the map is basically a population map of each state colored in the winner of the election, or if it is counting only the votes of the party winning in each state.
0.869 My best guess for the long approach road is Tremont, wish I had left in the bit to see the curve to get a better idea of if its ratio is distended or not.
0.856 Amazing how a country that gave the world some of the best comedic geniuses is populated by salty humorless twats.
0.856 I think I love you 0.0 This is glorious.
0.844 It's hard to imagine now knowing that they've won three world series titles in the past 12 years, but the Red Sox were Cubs-level lovable losers for decades before they finally won in 2004.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.902 Shame it had no chance, as it would have started a pointless war with the British right after the civil war.
-0.896 Their rivalry has long had an ugly, violent, sectarian side to it, although it has died down in my 30-ish-year lifetime.
-0.883 Basically, for two years, there was a civil war in involving fascists and anti fascists, fighting in a German and Allied occupied Italy.
-0.881 It's less about Trump besting Clinton and more about his idiot voters relating to him as an incompetent idiot.
-0.863 It's been a dead issue ever since, and now with Trump, even deader than dead, if that's possible.
-0.832 Die ciggies, die.
-0.830 You spread misinformation just so you can jerk yourself off on being right 1 out of 10 times with some bullshit you guessed correctly.
-0.823 Too bad there are no Hungarian plurality areas :(
-0.818 This is the worst danger map I've ever seen.
-0.802 The Republic of Sal thus became a war zone, with fascists and germans fighting the advancing Allies and the Northern Italian Partisans.
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