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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.961 Maybe it's for the best because I feel like I tend to go for brightening looks as well, so that's good to know that it's super dark.
0.952 Amazing! I love UD shadows, they have beautiful colours and the pigment and texture is lovely.
0.950 It's super great coverage so ideal for pinpoint concealing. Speaking of, Lisa Eldridge has a really great video on YouTube about covering acne.
0.949 Some days I can't get past the urge to put on lipstick, but all I really need is a nice "glow." Sounds like the perfect solution!
0.949 It's a very nice deep black and makes me lashes look FANTASTIC. Their Sunshine Skin Tint is a HUGE favorite of mine.
0.940 Not *exactly* makeup, but I always find face masks and skin care products are also great gifts, and a bit easier to give.
0.929 If you have very very oily skin for sure it's blah, but if you are going for the natural look, you can just set it with a clear powder and it will last and look great a long time.
0.925 Really :'-) I definitely didn't want to exclude you radiantly dark-skinned beauties!
0.922 You know we all love a good warm toned neutral palette, yet there aren't always many cool toned palettes that are still bright, fun, and wearable.
0.914 All things to consider. You may also want to check out /r/brownbeauty and use the search bar for more input. Good luck, I hope you find one she likes!

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.893 I find it unfair and infuriating that we are damned if we do, damned if we don't.
-0.887 Do you have other friends who've been sucked into MLM scams? I'm scared to buy anything because I don't want my friends to keep coming to me, expecting me to buy their shitty products.
-0.875 Girl, Poe by KVD No longer available: DGAF by Melt, Crybaby by Lime Crime, Mistletoe by JSC EDIT: forgot to mention, Crybaby and Mr Blonde are dead on dupes colourwise.
-0.840 I did almost this exact same look today, but damnit if yours doesn't look 120x better!
-0.830 Both of these are no longer available this so *shrugs* Man I hate that often if a company comes out with a weird colour, it's limited edition or discontinued quickly.
-0.796 These"100 layer" videos gross me out so badly.
-0.796 It does, however, exfoliate the skin, because it removes the dead cells from the surface. What gets thinner though when waxing is the hair - the trauma of the follicle makes it grow less and less.
-0.793 I ended up returning it but I can't help but wonder if I did something wrong?
-0.778 I want to steal your secrets for contouring, because your cheekbones and jawline are to die for.
-0.773 ) and it's only ever men who have a problem with it, even really butch woman at most don't like makeup on themselves and don't care about you.
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