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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.920 My friends always make fun of me, but damn they love those awesome pictures when hiking.
0.913 I think mall santas are so cool, they go through a four day "college" where they learn things like beard care, how to stay happy and of course, sign language!
0.906 On the other hand this otter has a safe, predator free place to live and a steady supply of good food.
0.878 It would be great if their natural habitats were all preserved, but for an individual otter living in a zoo is the best life they could have.
0.813 The Android piano commercial had me amazed and surprised that I enjoyed a commercial.
0.802 Looks like santa brought one of his alfs to help do the shopping :)
0.784 Honestly this is super cute...
0.784 Amazing show of respect
0.772 I love his little tail whipping back and forth like a snow rudder.
0.751 Best part is the dog helping him.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.813 Trips selling that devastating punch could make anybody cry.
-0.772 Breaking News: Local High School basketball player is crushed to death.
-0.751 I hated selfie sticks...until I went on a trip to dc this year, and it was too cold to ask people to stop and take pictures of us.
-0.751 Everyone thinks he's just broken every bone in his dick.
-0.718 That little pause in his walk, then his face is sad :(
-0.649 Jesus Christ, any situation that isn't 100% safe involving a child is deemed by reddit to be irresponsible parenting.
-0.649 That guy dead.
-0.624 "BITCH I AM CALM!"
-0.612 The "No worries" makes it more obvious too.
-0.572 Redditors have a hard on for hating selfie sticks.
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