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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.902 That may be true, but I bet the empire would have less than half the debt of Merica and still be able to provide an efficient and free health care system
0.892 Best time of the year I am always braced for some country pride :D and fireworks and bbqs.
0.859 If you truly value freedom you wouldn't let Islam into America.
0.856 I love freedom.
0.831 Up here in Maine some of the best Xmas trees on our property were the very tops of trees.
0.812 You're 5 pounds away from the number of years since you've gained that freedom !
0.802 Nothing says freedom more than ribs and explosives am I right :)
0.791 Lmao where did he mention white supremacy in a good way?
0.788 Looks better and contrary to popular belief you don't lose sensitivity.
0.738 America is so awesome.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.930 Why so much swearing, you fucking shit talking son of a motherfucking who're of a bitch?
-0.919 However much you whine about it the historical context of the rebel flag will always be rooted in racism and slavery.
-0.820 Privatisation of healthcare is just so odd to me. I've heard stories of people in America who get an injury or sickness and they become so far in debt that they have to move away to rural areas.
-0.743 Nice comeback, you son of a bitch whore.
-0.715 The rebel flag is absolutely a sign of racism.
-0.680 It comes from a long history of government distrust and fighting for what you believe in!
-0.677 Usa slave worshipping your soldier slaves will not change that they fight and die for nothing but profits of obama and soon trump regime
-0.625 It's reverse racism.
-0.612 "Black man shot by racist white cop after loosing control of his car on the way to a butcher-shop job interview"
-0.611 So you would just fly a nazi flag and if anyone questioned you about being a nazi you would just get all pissy and say 'you are an idiot!
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