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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.965 I love the internet, I love that there are people everywhere that do awesome stuff like this for the love of it.
0.965 He gave hope to people who had little, he inspired those who had nothing to be inspired about. Truly the greatest. Do not mourn his death.
0.946 DC was really fucking good at folkstyle too and would have won a national champion if he didn't wrestle at the same time and in the same weight class as the best folkstyle wrestler of all time.
0.946 It would be the equivalent of being a cage titan champion to win that title haha Like you said he's a con man and he's just gotten very lucky in his life I guess.
0.943 One of the many amazing match ups in 155 would be Nate vs Barboza, would love to see that This translates to "I would love to see Nate get his leg amputated" lol
0.935 His confidence and courage inspired me to be a better and stronger man..
0.933 great, now i can hopefully enjoy live mma with a short 20 minute train ride =D
0.933 People in this life may not always appreciate it, but I hope that God may accept and appreciate your thoughtfulness and good actions.
0.932 Although all undeniably talented, the shit that comes out of their mouths makes them all sound like spoiled children at best, compared to the GOAT.
0.931 But at the same time, if you can't hurt them and they can hurt you then how are you really winning the fight? I agree, I think Bisping winning would be a fair result.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.973 I want to do MMA, im 23 but im scared, not of the contact but im Scared of failing ,wasting money and I have irrational fears of people judging me.
-0.958 how bout u go an fuck off this thread then u peice of shit u think we need a stupid fuckwitt like u telling me about memes who the fuck are u take your worthless meme and get the fuck out of her
-0.941 Ju raped her, ju murdered her, ju killed her children!
-0.937 I'm no medical expert, but I think it's unlikely for both Kimbo and Dada to suffer heart failures in such a short span, without at least one of them having some serious medical problems.
-0.935 Wanted Conor to lose so bad as I'm still bitter about the Aldo and the rematch he still hasn't given him yet. But damn, how can you not respect that performance.
-0.930 fuck you ufc from reebok to now this and hell partnering with that horrible company ea, they shat on battlefront.
-0.930 disappointing fight, disappointing decision and disappointing post fight conor reference
-0.923 [.....] Seriously I was expecting a bit of a war but wtf Rumble to scary.
-0.923 I hate to be that guy, but he could fuck up just about anybody if he landed that bitch.
-0.915 Weight cutting is stupid and only necessary because ya'll keep doing it and nobody has made it illegal yet. Lose muscle or go fight for another org that has a 155 class for you.
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