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0.872 Otherwise yeah, it's super amazing.
0.848 Alright thanks, I take it because it helps me fall asleep quicker in addition to thinking it would help my LD.
0.848 Fun More fun Even more fun Real life is boring.
0.844 Thanks for the honesty Jay, appreciate it!
0.843 If you're down to use supplements, very small doses of melatonin give you very clear dreams that are extremely easy to remember.
0.840 The dot began to show up in my dreams and it ended up being pretty effective.
0.836 this seems a little impractical, it definately has lots of disadvantages compared to the systems already available, but if you can get it to work really well then I think it will do great.
0.832 Or maybe your dreams consist of you feeling powerful, then rc when you feel powerful, etc etc.
0.802 It's awesome you made progress in just 3 weeks!
0.802 Reminds me what it's like to see with perfect vision.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.879 I used to be competent several years ago, but school stress has fucked me over.
-0.872 and of course it turns scary when i get over fear of anxiety irl ill get over this too
-0.665 When I get sleep paralysis I'm awake but can't move and as it carries on it gets increasingly stressful especially breathing.
-0.599 No problem, I think it depends on a lot of factors.
-0.591 you can feel pain in sleep paralysis???
-0.541 i know it's all fear!
-0.527 If your dreams are scary, rc whenever you feel scared in daily life.
-0.511 and that's affected my lucid dreams as well, nowadays if i ever get lucid i start to panic that it's going to turn scary.
-0.477 This post is either on the wrong or right sub
-0.450 I remember once when I realised I was lucid but couldn't think of anything to do and the next second lost my lucidity.
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