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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.952 This is basically mirroring punxxor, again, but you have to cherish yourself and care for yourself prior to lending your care and compassion to others.
0.938 kind redditor, for giving me a chuckle -- happy festive season!
0.938 Yeah good luck trying to convince a greiving family member that their loved one is ready to go.
0.936 Love is love, you don't need a successful marriage as a template to show your kids what and how to love, rather, how well you treat other people.
0.929 On the one hand you say you are what the world shows you and if it works out you're happy because of it, on the other hand you don't build up your happiness on exteriors.
0.922 Maybe you have maintained great friendships and relationships or have a great job or even just have performed really well at your job for the past month.
0.912 Honestly I just need to work on self confidence, I used to be super introverted and played video games literally all the time.
0.910 LPT: Save some time and just serve it cold You're welcome, happy holidays.
0.908 Don't be unattractive The reason is simple: the difference between being cute and lovely *or* creepy, is - pretty often - looks.
0.902 I give a lot of credit to the bravery of my friends who are starting off studying what they enjoy.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.905 I was making 140k plus another 100k or so commission a year, but was stressing my ass off and coming home exhausted every night.
-0.892 Did they mean to insult you or was it something that made me feel insecure without the other party intending the insult?
-0.888 No one will ever criticize you as much as you criticize yourself. Second is to realize how many of your interactions don't end with any real disaster.
-0.884 Of course, I'm like, gotta make sure they get in okay, but I'm not worried they are gonna get raped, murdered, or whatever.
-0.881 I took in one of my cats after she'd been dumped at a park and nearly starved to death.
-0.877 But wires are SO BLOODY ANNOYING.
-0.872 Another tip: If you were in a long-term relationship and had recurring orders of flowers set to be sent to your cheating whore ex, cancel the order.
-0.869 Theyre usually afraid of something deep down inside, either that theyre a coward or a fool or mean and violent.
-0.863 Having grown up with a violent drunk for a father I tell people I don't want to drink and get a case of the "put you through a goddamn wall".
-0.859 The stress is bound to kill me, but I tell myself I will suffer through because of the half decent medical coverage and pension.
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