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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.932 And Weld hooked up the party with a couple of big shot donors. Yes, he could have done better, but still, best third party run since Perot.
0.917 I'm gonna be honest here, I have no idea what you're saying. But it sounds like you have a pretty good idea of what your opinion is on the matter and I respect that.
0.904 Well, then I challenge you to show me one inelastic good that has been serviced by the free market and resulted in positive outcomes for the consumer
0.899 You know this is true but you're pretending it's not true because the alt-right wants to have the respectability among libertarians that ancaps do, even though you guys don't deserve it.
0.898 >You'll notice he doesn't list it, which supports our position better than it supports yours. Of course he didn't mention all the shit stories, why would he?
0.897 My neighbor and I certainly don't see eye to eye, but we both do have a healthy respect for each other's firearms, and haven't had a conflict in years now.
0.896 It's funny how focused this subreddit becomes on the left's antiwar stance, yet there's a huge proportion of posters here who identify as conservatives and a significant number of Trump supporters.
0.883 If party A and party B want to exchange goods, it is likely beneficial for both, irrelevant of where both parties are
0.875 It would be wonderful if the Libertarian party could compromise on public schooling and support building more schools with smaller classes that can focus on what different students needs are.
0.868 I can't change the winner, but I can help a third party get its popular vote up.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.943 At least with a murder there isn't any lasting mental anguish for the victim as they are dead.
-0.942 Would it be morally wrong to kill or assault someone who was assaulting you?
-0.923 A world where you need to defend yourself by killing someone is way more unpleasant than the idea of getting killed.
-0.919 So a punch that causes no harm is assault and a punch that causes harm is battery.
-0.912 It just makes me wonder why libertarians are so afraid of the world that they want to defend it by killing which seems rather worse than being killed.
-0.906 Like people kill way more people by suicide/accident than they are to kill someone threatening them.
-0.906 Because we all hate assholes and hypocrites are assholes.
-0.904 While the Australian laws may have had an effect on "gun violence" it doesn't seem to have had an effect on actual murder rates .
-0.904 No you can't trust your neighbors, you can't trust anyone better be ready to murder them.
-0.893 Australia's murder rate was in decline before the gun ban and did not deviate from the slope afterward.
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