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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.887 I bet that he's gotten at least a few people that said yes before. that's super weird XD
0.827 I'm pretty naturally trusting and naive, mostly I just give people a lot of second chances so I understand your mentality. I mean, you had been friends with him for years.
0.822 They're so good at protecting you, but they're total sweethearts too!
0.807 that's super weird. I don't know what these other comments are about saying that maybe they were just trying to be nice or calm you down or something?
0.802 I'm glad you're okay & glad your boyfriend caught on to what was happening!
0.802 Thank you, I appreciate your kindness.
0.796 You were brave, OP, thankfully you are okay now.
0.786 She sounds so sweet, you're lucky to have her in your life.
0.784 Lol ok, thanks I guess...
0.755 So glad you're safe, OP.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.932 My worst fear is that horror movie clich of the crawling, distorted creepy thing coming up the stairs!
-0.906 Being physically assaulted is utter chaos from what I understand and a lot of times people are unable to equip concealed weapons in a close quarters struggle.
-0.896 Ambulance backs don't have access to the front, as crazy ass patients could then murder the Driver AND the EMT.
-0.872 Holy shit that is insane - in my province in Canada it's actually illegal to NOT let your tenants change the locks as long as you give them a matching set of keys.
-0.830 I remember just crying for an hour because I felt so isolated and defenseless.
-0.802 holy fuck, that's terrifying.
-0.784 Eventually I just told him to go fuck himself and that he's a pathetic excuse for a human and that I'd rather be known as the biggest "faggot" on campus than to have to touch him at all.
-0.778 Damn, that's horrible, especially when it's a foreigner the one getting that experience, I'm chilean and I've had encounters with gross men like a lot of girls and I know it's not specific to Chile.
-0.758 > I don't understand how the justice system could fuck up so much and let a potentially dangerous person out of prison so soon.
-0.753 ^^^ this 100% Jenna & I were so naive and quite stupid about the whole situation.
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