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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.908 So creepy on the show, but I have to admit I find him super attractive especially when he speaks Swedish.
0.908 I fucking love Justin Trudeau definitely the best looking world leader since JFK
0.905 I don't understand Swedish, but I fell in love with him from [this] scene, to be honest.
0.904 > > It's worth noting as well that your submissions were reported in huge numbers by many other users, clearly indicating the community is in support of policies like this.
0.880 That silver tongue in Justified :) I'm so in love with him.
0.878 This is the first time ever I have seen this guy, and other than having a great body, he looks nice and friendly to me.
0.863 I recommend watching the movie Green Street to anyone who wants to enjoy some early Charlie Hunnam gorgeousness.
0.827 I don't do so well with pretty men who like me in general and HIM?
0.813 I know a good man when I see one and his ultra stunning face aside this man is seemingly a VERY good one.
0.807 He's also pretty great in Wolf, alongside Jack Nicholson and Michelle Pfeiffer.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.871 He's played by David Tennant and is therefore super hot, but he's also a rapist and mind-rapist, and doesn't recognize his actions as wrong.
-0.777 Enemy is a really good wtf movie, especially the ending is crazy.
-0.691 oh, sorry - the evil guy from Jessica Jones, on Netflix?
-0.670 Nowhere have I found reports that he's ever hurt someone or been a victim himself.
-0.593 I'd post a clip but the peachiest scenes with him are spoiler-riffic :(
-0.576 That shy but kind of wicked little smile of his, aimed my way?
-0.559 IIrc that's why Channing Tatum didn't want him in Magic Mike XXL, which is a shame if you ask me!
-0.557 I had *no* problem buying him the limited edition DVD.
-0.557 holy shit he's ripped
-0.557 And I always wake up thirsty as hell after a dream with him in it.
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