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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.928 thanks, i really love nosleep too , was really happy david cummings was cool with collaborating
0.903 Ha awesome thanks -- i'm sorta on break til July but i'll get back to it then -- great chatting!
0.891 Recursive juice is the best kind :)
0.886 thanks but that sorta got voted down as an idea by the sub community so as a compromise I'm happy to reply to any private messages if that helps
0.824 We are ALL shitposters on this blessed day :)
0.824 we are ALL KenM's son on this blessed day :)
0.824 I am ALL KenM's son on this blessed day :)
0.824 /u/HeavyIndica and I are ALLKenM's son on this blessed day :)
0.801 our blessed family usualy takes a vacation to dosney world but this seems more exciting.
0.796 We're all classy on this blessed day!

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.953 we've never had a strongman president before and it feels wrong to treat this nasty motherfucker with anything but crude contempt
-0.819 FUCK OFF MFER DON'T WANT UR SHIT ON MY REDDIT ^^^^^^/r/no_turn_unstoned
-0.802 here's a sad one about a guy preparing to shoot his injured racehorse https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ak6BRbKJU2g
-0.784 As a lifelong devotee to civil rights, it saddens and disappoints me to see the American People elect a xenophobic, racist demogorgon in 2016.
-0.784 Ugh that one's the worst.
-0.764 If these lazy teens keep demanding linger and longer pay this country is gunna go into miles of debt!
-0.696 I have a crush on Science, but I know she's too bitchy for my taste so I'll just fap to her and never actually try anything.
-0.681 Gawker is basically media terrorism.
-0.670 unfortunately this is a fake : [
-0.670 That last line killed me.
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