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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.932 I know 255k is amazing on any car, but its less amazing because Honda. Bravo Honda, you built a durable super car.
0.917 Uh yeah, lol That would win over this one, ha ha!
0.914 It's an older car but I got it for a good price and it gets me to work so that's good enough for me :)
0.912 Hey increased horse power and better mileage it's a win win.
0.910 My address is _____ can you get them to me please." "but muh life!!!" ok, sounds like you're enjoying your situation overall then.
0.908 Wow, I guess I should either count myself lucky or thank the engineers at Mazda if they accounted for numptys like me leaving the top down.
0.906 Reminds me i have a perfectly good 1988 240DL that needs some rebuild love.
0.905 Please accept this upvote for referencing the absolutely marvelous book Good Omens.
0.903 LMAO, thanks for the laugh.
0.902 If you have the freedom to go outside, you have the freedom to seek help.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.934 wait, where's the problem? Just kidding, but no why the fuck he didn't use a ball valve and went with a shit twistie I don't understand.
-0.912 Sad lonely pathetic liar
-0.906 I think the threads in the hub are kinda fucked though because putting the new screw in was a pain in the ass.
-0.899 I kept all my tools and have a rocking garage now but I miss it sometimes when I have a stressful day at work dealing with stupid parents.
-0.898 "No sir, Tires with severe impact damage are not under warranty, and we also can't cover 4 runs because you were too clueless to avoiding driving on them"
-0.896 What the fuck is this Kenny or someone stealing his shit.
-0.883 -sincerely, someone who has no official mechanical training at all and spends more time double checking the manual than fixing his truck to avoid stupid fuck ups.
-0.878 I effin' hate that goddamn clamp.
-0.878 So was the plot of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas that Johnny Depp actually poisoned by anti-freeze?
-0.878 People driving in poor winter conditions with shitty tires are a danger to all of us.
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