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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.908 I love the contrast between a guy who's confident he's about to beat the shit out of someone and a guy who just soiled himself.
0.898 Thanks for sharing :) All you have to do is to right-click on the video and select copy url for current time and you're good!
0.858 I gotta imagine how great that teacher must be for that kid to so passionately defend her.
0.840 I enjoyed the creative use of a swiffer to try and pry the door open lol.
0.822 Very cool bouncers as well, they are all well liked by regulars
0.807 That's the Woolshed in Dublin, an excellent sports bar and always get fantastic service in there.
0.802 The walk and punch was super satisfying!
0.784 To make you feel better white people act entitled, Asians are good at math, Indians don't wear deoderant.
0.748 This is the best thing I've seen this month, actually couldn't stop laughing for ages, you have a gift
0.735 On one hand, I applaud the kid for standing up for the teacher.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.937 Somebody cutting in front of you in a queue *can make* people violent, but that isn't anything but the fault of the person being violent. Stop making excuses for dickheads.
-0.927 Fuck, the only thing worse than getting your ass whooped, is getting your ass whooped by a dude in leggings. 10/10
-0.899 Definitely, however the fact that rape defenses usually consist entirely of victim blaming and slut shaming is kind of an issue.
-0.886 No more hiding behind the shield or racism, it's so boring.
-0.881 Dumb mother fucker will think twice next time he wants to carry that glass jaw out of his car and start a fight
-0.832 If it *makes* people violent, how do you explain the copious amount of people who can drink until they pass out and yet not feel the need to be violent?
-0.823 I never understand the mentality of someone who tries to rob a person and then murders them for not having anything.
-0.807 Or the stupid scream for no reason.
-0.803 Those 2 victims will never enjoy life again, and their families get to endure all the pain.
-0.796 "Taze his ass right now" That judge was done with that dude's shit.
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