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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.952 looks amazing, a bit rich for my blood at the moment, but I'd love to get one eventually :D
0.919 They're pretty good quality. Along the same vein, [this decomposition book] is grid lined and it's super cute.
0.912 I'd love to win a free moleskine!
0.910 Would love to win this :)
0.908 I'll pass on the moleskine but I wanted to comment that I'm super happy to see life brought into this sub.
0.902 Not for me, but I have a friend who would love it as a belated Christmas present.
0.891 I would like to win please :)
0.889 Thanks! Ill leave this one approved however ;D Thanks for sharing!
0.878 It feels great to have a dedicated and clutter-free space to write :)
0.866 On one hand I'm really proud of the things I did, friends I have, how I grew as a person.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.878 I don't know how many journals and notebooks I have torn the first few pages out after making an error or writing something stupid, then abandoned it or thrown it away in exasperation.
-0.823 Specifically regarding two world wars that devastated the European continent.
-0.796 I do like your handwriting but it makes me sad you're losing so much space by skipping lines!
-0.778 As I journaled about issues, I was able to visualize it as me pulling that particular problem out of my head and stop worry about it for awhile.
-0.743 I hate to have to retype and retype the same crap over and over.
-0.718 Manipulation of your subjects barely manages to pass the time and your touch leaves echoes of chaos like a tumor hidden amongst the mass.
-0.712 Ill freak out on the inside and wont want to finish it lol..
-0.710 Afterwards, you become irate for lack of a challenge.
-0.681 For me, I was a fatalist, so it was the worst possible outcome.
-0.670 I loved the design of that notebook, but I missed my fountain pens :<
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