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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.965 HA HA HA I GET IT, HA HA HA ha ha....
0.962 i get that people love to be self-deprecating and make fun of how the art field works but we NEED people like you to be a positive voice to keep the field alive and positive.
0.936 This joke suggests that her ability to provide oral sexual pleasure is worth telling other people about in hopes that she will gain more business.
0.926 First guy is ecstatic: "I've invested the money and multiplied it many times over, so me and my family will be among the richest of the rich pretty much forever.
0.912 Yes. Honestly, the whole "everyone should be able to be made fun of" is only ever an excuse to make fun of minorities.
0.908 If your legs were wealth I'd set up a family trust to ensure correct distribution over the next century, and heavily encourage investing in hedge funds and blue chip stocks.
0.901 Ain't no sheep fuckers here! We love or majestic horses thank you very much.
0.891 The son therefore takes this as carte blanche to swear freely, and of course immediately celebrates his new found freedom by dropping the f-word at the dinner table.
0.878 You must be great fun at parties
0.870 It sounds like OTP , it's kinda hard to explain but it'll make sense if you look it up. And good luck on the MCAT!

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.946 And youtube video of some black guys beating up a white guy for being white is sad, but personal racism isn't the same as institutional racism.
-0.939 the same kind of oppressive ignorance that assaults them gets to us as well , it's all just hatred for an enemy.
-0.939 Oh no you misunderstood me, i dont hate trump for being racist, hell i dont even hate him, but its a fact that trump is racist amd objectively observed, trump is an idiot.
-0.939 Reference KKK hangings, slavery, getting shot by police, and oh, and call him a nigger, shitskin, gorilla, dindu, cotton-picking coon. The problem lies in history.
-0.936 that being said the 1st amendment does not protect people from being prosecuted for Hate Speech, Inciting Violence, and Supporting Terrorism.
-0.926 The title leads you to believe that she died of cancer when actually she was killed by a crab .
-0.921 I'm not responsible for thermonuclear war, your phone blowing up and taking the whole neighborhood with it, or you losing your job because the alarm app failed.
-0.905 And i FEAR what an racist idiot will do once he takes the seat as the worlds mightiest man.
-0.902 Racist against Jews since whenever the fuck this piece of shit site was made
-0.893 Any negative votes reverse it and let you fuck her in ass?
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