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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.968 But you're not helping. - No disgust - Mild disgust - Moderate disgust - Much disgust - Extreme disgust edit: Obligatory thanks for the gold, kind stranger.
0.967 Happy happy good good well nice happy.
0.934 It is AWESOME!!! I just wonder what the f*** I've done in my life when I see this kind of things... Congrats :D
0.927 EMDR would be more of a permanent cure but it requires assessment and careful set up for it to work and can't be done as a self help technique safely or effectively by most people.
0.926 Pretty sweet that someone, somewhere in Kazakhstan is DJing the same chillout music that stoned me in the USA enjoys :D
0.920 This is an awesome and very useful tool - thank you so much for sharing.
0.917 My most positive have words like compassion, honor and inspired in them. Without context this is meaningless.
0.917 please for the love of god put it back up forever everyone like it and its nice to see what everyone says.
0.915 God I love the internet, this is brilliant, transporting this homesick Scot back home to Dundee for some wave 102, cheers!
0.913 Ah good old waterloo, most expensive but best year of my life was definitely first year Laurier.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.981 Apparently my most negative comment is, "I'm having spam spam spam spam spam spam spam baked beans spam spam spam and spam!" TIL that website is actually the wife from Monty Python's Spam sketch.
-0.959 My most negative comments were sarcastically calling out guys who harass girls on tinder, and discussing the cancer trinket vs cancer item on a binding of isaac subreddit.
-0.937 They can go to hell and get fucked personally by satan himself Edit: New worst comment rating!
-0.933 Horrible layout and horrible explanations. Waste of time. Ill stick to Stewart precalculus which isnt veryy good in its own right
-0.927 Most negative comment: "Most negative comment: "Is it normal for a completely empty unused drive to already have bad sectors?
-0.927 The developer completely got the wrong end of the stick and simulated the wrong thing, so although his heart was in the wrong place he has actually caused harm.
-0.919 you bastard I was wondering wtf was that noise my parents were gonna wake up and kill me
-0.914 My most "negative" comments have words like evil, kill and violence in them .
-0.908 Seriously, following your directions could directly lead to panic attacks, suicidal ideation/attempts, or psychiatric hospitalization.
-0.907 "What the fuck is this shit FUCK olicity<3 thing.
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