/r/Innie Analysis

Ten Most Positive Sentences

Score Sentence
0.973 Wow that looks so perfectly smooth and yummy <3 wish I could bury my tongue in that :D
0.934 Nice, probably do well on /r/shorthairedhotties super sexy keep up the good work
0.918 que bellesa so beautiful pussy I would love to kiss it
0.911 Thank you to /r/All for guiding me to this great visual paradise
0.905 You should be happy to enjoy it for free, not argue about it.
0.899 Just a gorgeous pose - very inviting darling!
0.896 Beautiful, nice angle, great lightning.
0.883 Mmmmh, nice :) and I like it when they keep the heels on in bed :)
0.881 Beautiful and looks so Delicious!!
0.875 Good god you have a sexy pussy my dear.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.944 Refusing to show id to cops, drunk driving, driving without a license, assault, domestic violence, criminal damage to property, lying to police officers.
-0.824 Fuck decency, I would do TERRIBLE things to you !
-0.807 He's just calculating how many of those women will have emotional damage from rape.
-0.743 Dude I sucked a dick this morning and that post is still the gayest thing I've seen all day.
-0.718 I'd kill to see a million more pics of you!
-0.710 You're still going to stop your target culprits from stealing your images: people that are Photoshop illiterate.
-0.709 "Princess" Hell, You're nothing less than a Goddess!
-0.693 I had a very vivid dream with you in it where we went to a hockey game and then went home to start rewatching Breaking Bad and pause to fuck. Are you my future wife?
-0.691 Do you usually bitch about stupid things like that?
-0.681 motherfucker im here from /r/all and these are the seats they use in the trams of my city, exact same design and stuff.
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