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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.939 From A Happy Oz Day to our friends celebrating Republic Day. Have a great one.
0.937 After Bob Dylan became the first singer-songwriter to win the Nobel Prize in Literature, are our honorable judges trying to become the first judge to win it?
0.898 https://twitter.com/udhavn/status/831388383834353664 TN special battalion force entering golden bay resort to free the mla's and arrest sasikala. Happy valentines day to the Supreme Court.
0.857 **JUSTICE BONER** THANK YOU my dear supreme court.
0.856 Feel elated at Burj Khalifa as the best Burj Khalifa being lit up in Indian tri-color.
0.840 most are successfull, because isro success can be measured easily its get more credit.
0.836 Experts would have told Sasikala to celebrate Valentine's day with Natarajan, but SupremeCourt had other ideas :D
0.832 Supreme court trying to show they know what the orange baboon claims to know - the best and the biggest words.
0.827 Best we can do is Rakhi Sawant plus Mayawati as bonus
0.827 On the other hand, I'm pretty sure you have seen many

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.875 Shit!! #Ain't buying this shit Anymore !!
-0.859 The war was lost in 2001 when we reelected these sick, corrupt politicos.
-0.847 "We are totally helpless and do not know what to do to tide over this crisis.
-0.840 There is no queue, no one beating other to death, no statement game or award wapsi.
-0.817 This shit fucking infuriates me.
-0.807 Randians even criticize demonetization which aims to bring transparency in the system and kill the Black economy.
-0.807 Fuck you SBI bitch.
-0.798 The failing NYT is FAKE NEWS.
-0.796 There is no fear of law because ppl know that these judges are wasting time drafting 200 pages for something that can be said in a page
-0.778 Just crack that stupid govt entrance exam and one stupid interview.
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