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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.848 What's going on here, is this thing going to fix itself or is this the new way of things? I find it hard to laugh now as all the posters are the retards we liked laughing at to begin with.
0.844 Wish I could say so, however it is the new testament. Happy pagan holiday http://biblehub.com/luke/19-27.htm
0.827 Honestly, that's pretty incredible that he managed to fit through the fucking food slot
0.796 What good can Islam bring to a world where empirical evidence, where reason can tell you how to best live your life?
0.796 Modern Family really went the ABC Family route, the first two seasons were great, now it's the modern day Home Improvement.
0.785 You asshole, a woman is more then capable of washing the dishes after she is done making a sandwich. =D
0.784 Honestly, purple haired chick on the far right is super hot.
0.778 Honestly, his new album was great for what it was...but I really wanted classic Gambino Edit: Sorry guys, forgot this is the interent.
0.772 lmao if your black it's easier to get in than if your white or Asian it's simple facts
0.772 Like /shitredditsays it's the best place to find quality posts.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.936 The evil and the horror done in the name of Islam is real and the people who have a problem with it cannot just be dismissed as racists.
-0.935 Cancer is bad because shitty cancer cells reproduce faster than healthy cells.
-0.886 I'm sorry to hear that, probs left when you started shoving action man up your ass, I lost my dad to he was too much of a nigger and left
-0.883 I doubt it was a terrorist attack.
-0.856 I've seen way shittier posts make it higher, and if you complain, you're just a bitch.
-0.852 That's what Po and his family do in kung fu panda 3
-0.845 Sometimes people have to solve their own problems or suffer the consequences - and almost everyone suffers the consequences because almost no one self-examines.
-0.844 Not all of them are bad, particularly the ones that must identify as Islamic or be executed, The silenced women, the mutilated women, the raped women, and so on and so forth.
-0.843 Are you a real terrorist? Have you ever killed a politician, like a Russian ambassador?
-0.836 Here's something to go to hell for: sometimes people cannot solve other people's problems.
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