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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.906 I'm pretty sure they've described themselves as lovable idiots more than a few times - and I had to try make it fit the sub!
0.840 #1 Best Idea for Darwin Award nominees worldwide Use Alcohol and guns TODAY!
0.710 For good luck
0.684 The 8 year-old boy in my closet LOVED it.
0.660 You make good points and I agree with most of them.
0.649 Yeah, because that assessment is based just on his skin color, not the American flag wifebeater, ball cap, faded blue jeans, goofy inbred grin, and ill-advised behavior.
0.612 I think you're giving me a little bit too much credit.
0.612 Just walking down the street and all of a sudden, this kid comes out of nowhere, gets off his skateboard, nothing fancy, then picks it up and smashes the shit out of it on the curb.
0.527 Justice boner starting up early today
0.521 he really needs new friends and to work on his self esteem.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.902 They try to correct shirtless dude but he doesn't get it so they try to break it on his ass to avoid hurting his back.
-0.872 They seem more concerned with people who think their fighting is bad or unrealistic or something than with people who think they are neo Nazis, a danger to society or just straight up crazy.
-0.802 This one never gets old, the look of disappointment from the beer-ponger, and the anal anguish of skinny Santa.
-0.790 No long term damage, but it was extremely painful and had me stumbling around seeing stars for several minutes.
-0.754 Shirtless dude tags back in, still has shitty form but they go with it, then chair swinger fucks up his grip and probably paralyzes shirtless dude.
-0.740 They must have figured something out about the situation that totally undermined any fear of the gunman.
-0.720 Just because you get older doesn't mean you stop doing dumb shit.
-0.710 "Fuck you, skateboard." "Well fuck you too, dude."
-0.690 This is fucked up!
-0.681 Secondly, what the hell is with that website?
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