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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.942 But the strength still can't compare to my right but I can tear meat off a drumstick now :D ) Hope this helps.
0.869 And the q learning algorithm is actually super simple..but then u can modify it to use neural networks and such. Good luck
0.856 Work is work, have a positive helpful attitude and take those steps as they appear...best of luck.
0.848 It doesn't make you sound smart, but it makes you sound more relaxed and casual and relatable. * Keep it simple.
0.848 (I took about 3 months to get confident enough using the chopsticks on my left hand comfortably.
0.848 Good luck and have fun.
0.844 It's easy to fill in words with swears, feels good to do so sometimes and can make a normal boring story into a funny one. * Use filler words like "like".
0.840 There are apps out there like Freedom and StayFocusd that can help install hard barriers around technology usage.
0.836 For me, casual practice is when I play my instrument for fun or when I play through pieces I have learned just because I can.
0.820 Don't feel forced to drink, neither my partner or I do but we love pub trivia.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.855 This gets even worse when you consider that some casinos only pay 1.5 or 1.8 to 1 on red/black specifically to discourage this. You can't win, dude.
-0.844 Shitty example: "Man that heavy rain the other day killed me.
-0.807 when I was in my teens I had serious pi**a face and the more shit I did the worse it got.
-0.765 example: doughy * Third try: Fuck it up by getting the ratios wrong.
-0.724 I wasn't at all interested in European history but he totally sucked me in.
-0.719 .001 doesn't seem like a whole hell of a lot, but imagine you drop a million bucks down.
-0.706 This is where the purely cynical, timesuck nonsense goes.
-0.681 Get the hell away from a screen, get to know the inner workings of your mind.
-0.649 Get a multimeter, a few resistors, LEDs, batteries, caps, wires, soldering iron, motors, and whatever the hell you want.
-0.622 The lower your monthly payment, the more you believe you won't have some serious health issue or accident.
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