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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.968 I like Like, but, like, I don't like like Like, like, I only like it.
0.960 I was pretty good friends with my boss, i made her life pretty easy at work and knew her schedule so I figured it was worth getting a reaction at least haha
0.954 The people were great, really friendly and helpful, and I think that's why it survived those years and is still going strong, even with newer, bigger stores just down the road.
0.942 I am so sorry that happened to you, but I'm so glad you have your super BH to support you.
0.930 Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.
0.928 Not to accuse OP of anything but I'm pretty sure one of the biggest rules AP has at Best Buy is that they can't physically restrain the customer...
0.928 The best thing to do when picking out a knife is to make sure it feels good in your hand before buying it, because you do not want to fuck around with an awkward handle on a blade.
0.925 Folks talk about doing it all the time in the comments, but yours is the first one I've see where you actually did it. Nice to see that you all had a good laugh about it in the end.
0.921 I debated with myself about telling that part, but it was such an amazing thing to spontaneously happen - like we were all united in our candy search.
0.919 Call up the Best Buy and tell them that you saw everything, you know why the lady did what she did, and that you will happily be a witness in court for Best Buy.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.945 He was saying it was bullshit that he had to send his router back to the factory and he pays a lot for the service and it's so terrible and I'm terrible and stupid.
-0.939 Mom is a cunt of the highest order and the kid needs his 12 year old, no mannered, ignorant ass kicked from here to hell.
-0.939 How the hell one can ignore the rubble and mess caused by fire holy shit.
-0.937 I may not have slammed him against the wall like you, but may have threatened to get the cops involved for assault because once he touched your person, including the headphones, shit got real.
-0.936 I HATE HATE HATE driving down to Portland just because as soon as you cross the I5 bridge southbound you're taking your life in your hands.
-0.923 I'd probably have caused that dumb degenerate sack of molested shit real harm.
-0.921 Most companies don't care what you do on your off time, but when you're wearing their uniform they start to care a hell of a lot.
-0.915 > Your mother must have been a horrible parent... "At least my mother didn't raise me to be a raging cunt that needs to rely on hubby to settle my problems for me."
-0.915 >have to send people on paid sick leave after they go down with a stress disorder from dealing with assholes all day. That doesnt happen.
-0.914 How the hell did you miss the other signs that said things like danger, and stay the hell out?
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