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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.931 I'm pretty sure Danny Devito is a professionally trained actor considering he's easily the best actor in the entire cast lol
0.928 OK, all right, what makes me happy is, like, you know, at night, a ride around town in a limousine, partying, having a good time.
0.926 :D Thanks glad you enjoyed it!
0.924 I know this episode is focused on Charlie and it's my favorite so far but I truly loved Frank in this episode more than anyone.
0.922 this sub doesn't often give me a chuckle, but this was pretty fucking great
0.910 That small moment might be my favorite in the entire series. The genuine delivery of his "She loves that sorta thing, and I, I admit I do to" is absolutely perfect.
0.910 Hahaha, good pleasantry, cute.
0.909 It's much more better than gay porn because you have 2 cocks too, but it's not homo because the other dude is actually a woman with a beautiful penis and legs My fav
0.906 I'm not complaining, just as someone who likes commentary and behind the scenes stuff I wish my favorite show has more of it. all the commentaries are really good, at least.
0.904 Dee could play a pretty good Alfred, she won an emmy as Mr Pettysworth

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.951 Yeah but in that kind of scene you have to worry about being brutally murdered down there, especially as a white man.
-0.947 too bad john carson *is* literal shit so no, that wouldn't work so glad he failed miserable in his shitty campaign
-0.936 motherfucker, I can not pedal my bike up to the speed limit of 50k, so there is no fucking reason for your slow ass to be impeding the rest of us. I hate everything
-0.922 Who gives a shit, ya dead, ya dead.
-0.914 In bed and really tired but just need to say, fuck that prequel shit.
-0.912 That did the actual murdering then those retarded backwood shit head cops set up the frame job
-0.908 He goes and fights crime, comes back and full penetration, fights crime, full penetration, then it just kind of ends....
-0.907 So they get death threats for simply having their daughter murdered.
-0.898 Mac: Those greedy bitches, I bet we can just find some insulin and sell that shit ourselves. Dennis: Cut out the middle man....
-0.895 What was the point of this dumb ass stupid experiment anyway?
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