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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.906 And I couldn't imagine any better people to have been with this dog and for that I personally want to thank you as a magnificent human being and ultimately as an amazing friend to Oberon.
0.896 I am even happier that you were able to care and comfort him in his times of need of support and savior.
0.859 I love how he rips it up by the collar like "quit fucking around you're being saved LETS go"
0.826 Say what you want about the in-ring entertainment but the WWE and it's stars do so much amazing work with kids.
0.818 Wow, that post jumped off a cliff at the last second rofl
0.791 [The WWE did a whole bunch of awesome stuff for him], including inducting him into the WWE Hall of Fame.
0.778 Compared to the videos I've seen of Russians apparently mowing down human pedestrians, seems there's an amazing kindness and orderliness for dog pedestrians.
0.776 Trust me, it feel really really good to live consistently in accordance with what you think is right.
0.772 Congratulations, you are being rescued.
0.758 Regardless of anything religious, I thought it was great that the church welcomed the guy in...

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.949 I cry when I'm angry too and no one takes my murderous rages seriously.
-0.910 Haha that's hilarious because it's racist but you're calling op racist to distract from your racism damn what a good joke
-0.861 I honestly don't understand why mental illness and those that suffer from it are so hated on Reddit.
-0.758 my "hero"'s weak as shit"
-0.753 This is wonderful but VERY DANGEROUS.
-0.747 It's a nice thought but there are way too many mean and crazy people on this site, I'm sad to say.
-0.718 I think i'd be more worried about the chlorine and pneumonia it will suffer from having fluid filled lungs.
-0.717 I think 2-4 years is good, i can't even smile in pictures, because my teeth are so damn awful.
-0.681 The kid looks worried that he might have hurt him.
-0.649 A killer whale.
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