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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.823 That was from June 2015, now for the updates: >The girl still lives with her aunt and helps care for baby Grace.
0.791 And yeah, i'd prob start out peacefully protesting cause imo that's the best way to begin.
0.768 I don't know what it is about this, but this is a great shot.
0.727 Photographer decides to make the photo look like a mediocre quality scan of a good oil painting photoshopped onto an underwater shot, with the added bonus of everything looking freaking dark.
0.718 Haha that's neat.
0.681 I sure had a lot of fun with this one..
0.625 That guy looks a lot like Dennis. Also, this is a pretty badass picture regardless.
0.599 It's easy to forget how good you have it.
0.586 When I was modelling as a hobby my dream was to do some underwater shoots, and I finally got the opportunity.
0.502 It was of course an ancient runic symbol, but the Nazis co-opted it like the swastika.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.883 But if it kept happening, i'd be mad enough to fuck shit up too.
-0.877 Same with Carl's episode of WTF, and Mel's episode of WTF.
-0.758 Yeah but they've BEEN killing unarmed black people.
-0.758 And you either know it's not possible and you're lying, or you're wrong and just making things up.
-0.670 Black people have been killed, on camera, by many police officers.
-0.670 Because there sure is hell is no scientific line to draw. Ethnicity is *literally defined by cultural identification*.
-0.670 You're freaking insane.
-0.660 I'm white, and if white people were the minority, and cops were killing unarmed white people left and right.
-0.660 They're out there fighting for their lives because people who look like them are being murdered on the streets.
-0.660 And the people committing the murder are getting off scot-free.
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