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0.940 Personally I use cold pressed coffee that I then add to the beer after primary fermentation. Source: Am HomeBrewer using recipes from a beer festival Hope this helps :) Happy brewing!
0.930 That's awesome, and really smart too, because I'm now going to try their beers before I brew one of their recipes, so I can choose the one I like the best.
0.926 Hahaha almost sounds like it is the best, and I are finally going to brew a lager in his honor!
0.920 This is my second time making a NEIPA, and I was super pumped when the initial under-carbed pull from the keg looked like Sunny Delight.
0.912 I bet your beer will be delicious and the charm of it being caged and corked will really impress a lot of people and tell them they have a very special beer in their hands.
0.905 Let's say I made a typical lager gain bill/hop schedule, but used a clean ale yeast, like US05 or WLP090, then fermented it just like I would a lager.
0.891 >I also assume those craft breweries chose to be bought out and were happy with the offers they received, which is good for brewers. well good for the owners at least....
0.888 wow loved those guys before but this is awesome
0.885 | "most of all, enjoy [the recipes]" |1|The freedom to study how the program works, and change it to make it do what you wish.
0.878 I was going to joke about that giving me an idea, then I remembered the hop cigar I enjoyed a few weeks ago at a beer festival.

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-0.920 It's a damn shame his term got screwed over by the hostage crisis and oil prices.
-0.881 If it's no good/dangerous for my dog, then why the hell is it okay for humans :/ Do dogs have a much weaker digestive track than we do?
-0.860 Likely not any nasties that would make you really sick would also taste so bad you wouldn't be drinking enough of because it would taste awful
-0.844 Those suckers are heavy when filled with liquid and it'd be a travesty if your burner stand collapsed.
-0.807 Jimmy Carter can fuck my bitch
-0.784 I'm in, so long as we follow my standard internet meetup policy: no murder. Are you part of any of the local homebrew clubs?
-0.779 Ah that's too bad - while my dad wasn't fond of my homebrew, he thought the kegerator in the living room was just the tits.
-0.778 And Hell Chicken is strangely citrusy and addictive.
-0.775 Most of the local breweries around me have really bad diacetyl problems.
-0.769 But not sure how that would be done without the site to push updates, or without taking over the Brewbit domain. I'm most disappointed about the lack of communication.
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