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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.959 I almost had to treat it like a second job, setting aside time and family to get it done. Thanks for the support and kind words, good luck to you on your build!
0.942 If I set my thermostat to 77 on cool, but turn the fan to on, will the AC/compresser turn off when the house reaches 77 while the fan will continue to pump in that delicious cool air?
0.942 Congratulations on winning the 2015 Al Borland Award! --2014 Al Borland winner
0.941 Honestly, I'm okay with the house the way it is but the thought of how great its going to be when we're done is just a great motivator.
0.938 It is not over yet but it seems like you have it well under control. I hope he learns, in addition to not cutting corners, to respect polite women in fuzzy sweaters.
0.933 They are only slightly more than the consumer grade ones, but they work 3-3 times better, and they are super easy to set up multiple APs in your house all working together.
0.923 Best of luck with this! And thank you for re-confirming that I should just handle projects myself, haha!
0.922 I just bought my first house 2 weeks ago and its been eating up all my free time, but its great fun.
0.917 Good luck with your old home, glad I could inspire, I always wanted to fix one up!
0.915 Please keep us utd on your progress, I love watching theses old girls come back to glory.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.968 Because clearly the death penalty is too harsh to be a Just punishment for the crime. So, do you really believe that destroying his **entire** future earnings is a suitable punishment?
-0.959 Makes a nice hedge, but if neglected will grow over and through everything in its path creating an apocalyptic thorny thicket of hell.
-0.957 The bond might not cover all your costs, but this guy deserves some "rape me in the ass" prison time to reflect on his life choices.
-0.955 We hosed the place down with chlorine solution to kill kill kill all nasty bacterial growths.
-0.926 It really pisses me the fuck off that these assholes can't tell the difference between a zip screw and a damn sheet metal screw.
-0.925 Just fill it up and wait for it to die. You need something that will kill the rhizome, and for that it's either digging it up or poisoning it.
-0.923 I tried to kill parts of it, tried to dig it out, hacked at it with every weapon of garden destruction I could find and nothing.
-0.904 I was so pissed about the blatant lying and the fact that he must have assumed I was an idiot.
-0.897 And chop that shit off square so you don't make diy punji sticks. Bamboo is cool, but it's a pain in the ass.
-0.881 In order to have Justice, you need the punishment to be suitable for the crime. Would you push for the death penalty for this guy?
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