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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.943 I love that period as well and the best thing I've watched is Band of Brothers. Would love some more material!
0.920 I would say that honor goes out the window any time the rewards of actually winning the fight outweigh the rewards of looking good.
0.908 They were fighting for their lives, but still thought the rewards of looking good outweighed the rewards of living.
0.893 He was "insert this and that," but you can't hide pain and grief for someone you truly love.
0.876 I use this Gif for everything, with technology being how amazing it is now I like to use this laughing duck to reply to everything.
0.861 I ask not out of doubt but because that sounds like a fascinating story to read.
0.860 The whole album, reuploaded to have the titles in english is [here] Enjoy, and upvote the original thread :D
0.827 Actually Hitler was a huge admirer of Mussolini and thought of him as his hero and mentor.
0.796 There are lots of reasons for this but the currently the most important one is that Argentina has free college tuition for everyone.
0.790 Wow, I never knew Africa was involved in WW1, thanks for this, OP!

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.881 This is commonly referred to as a 'mass suicide' when in reality it was mostly murder.
-0.866 I was going to ask how she died, cause I had a really bad feeling it was in some terrible way...
-0.818 The racism I see and hear lately is disgusting.
-0.802 Prisoners of war must at all times be humanely treated.
-0.781 This may sound weird, but since when did white people assume other white people are racist?
-0.772 They would bat an eye as it's the kind of drink that only a massive wanker would order in the first place, calling it an Irish car bomb is just icing on the cake.
-0.758 I must have missed all of the dead body space launches where we rid our planet of corpses.
-0.727 I'm white, and this old racist bigots turn to be and drop the N-word all the time.
-0.718 He had a very eventful presidency, and my explanation doesn't even go into the crazy shit he pulled in his personal life.
-0.710 I was being sarcastic, trying to point out the ridiculousness of I_haet_typos comment. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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