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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.951 Lmao I love this sub :D When there will be Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia gif battle? That would be one of the funniest IMO
0.941 The represents The Joy of Painting Perfectly. Nobody could paint like Bob Ross, yet he acts like it's the easiest thing in the world anyone could do.
0.935 Really great gif, of a great scene, in a great movie.
0.934 This post is one of the best I have seen in a long time, you have all my respect and admiration. I enjoyed every second of both all those gifs.
0.927 hahaha it's true, they honestly think their blinding whiteness is perfectly masked by a bit of hiphop slang and woke attitudes
0.922 that was great, I love super troopers
0.919 this is perfect lol thanks for the laugh
0.919 I want Sanders to win the election, but I actually want the Trump supporters to win on reddit.
0.917 This is fantastic, the reactiongifs post is great too, I love the text disintegrating away.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.960 Wait, is that from "It's A Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad World"?
-0.949 Damn you to hell telemachus1, damn you to HELL!
-0.928 Thedonald: "WE DONT BAN PEOPLE FOR DISAGREEING UNLILE THE LEFT CENSORSHURPS" /proceeds to ban anyone that points out any facts they dislike.
-0.915 I haven't seen it, but I figure if I don't care enough about Star Wars to have seen it by now, I don't really care if I know what happens.
-0.906 i hate that racist sub reddit when is it getting ban /r/spez ?
-0.896 the edgelords got angry when reddit had a woman ban their bullying subs.
-0.892 Sorry to GM, but if Cera died I would be very sad.
-0.888 fuck him fuck him fuck him.
-0.883 I very disappointed in the attempt to attack me in very bad way.
-0.875 Damn, this dude can fuck my bitch.
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