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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.775 Like don't get me wrong, we're definitely developing a more detailed picture of some old nutritional findings.
0.735 Ninety-eight percent are alive after 10 years, and 95% live for at least 15 years. Your dad will likely be fine regardless of whether this gets approved.
0.687 Don't forget about needing to have things like a functional fridge, stove, and cooking utensils like pots and pans
0.656 This is so encouraging.
0.625 Yeah, the world's a scary enough place when you're thinking about your own safety, but when you're thinking about the safety of your own small kids?
0.625 Yeah I blame the keto cult that seems pretty well represented on Reddit.
0.612 I'm curious, why do you think pork is healthy?
0.525 Then it goes on to say "but guess what, if you want to wake up earlier you can leverage your body not knowing the difference!" Well duh.
0.440 But less of a concern than people in general using actual cigarettes, I hope.
0.440 good - I thought it was going to be on my butt or something

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.869 Prostate cancer is very different than other forms of cancer.
-0.700 Be a damn shame if the system he advocates eats him.
-0.670 Try attacking the content of the argument instead.
-0.670 It ignored most of the research done that shows sugar consumption causes multiple harms.
-0.660 In fact, one in three men will get prostate cancer in their lifetime.
-0.660 The 5-year survival rate for most men with prostate cancer is 99%.
-0.649 Finally the third item is that "it might actually affect your health", because heart attack rates are lower in the week following shifting the clock backwards.
-0.599 Why will they die earlier than average?
-0.596 Do not follow this frauds advice. https://www.reddit.com/r/flexibility/comments/5k1drq/fix_your_neck_easy_to_do_anywhere_including_your/
-0.527 I think the real conspiracy here is that they knew what they were doing when the decided to preface their internal medicine journal with "The Annals..."
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