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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.964 I don't know if this is weird but I would love love love your handwriting as a font.
0.963 It's lovely and definitely one of the best styles of handwriting I've seen, I like how it's crisp and legible while still keeping the feeling of an elegant writing style :)
0.954 Not 100% certain, but it looks like it says "Have a great time over Christmas and New Year, Love Grandma" Edit: Typo
0.935 You did great, thank you I appreciate it (: It would help a liiittle if you could tell me mm of the pen used in your post? P.S.
0.929 Hey boys, Hope you are both enjoying the holidays AND will grace the theater seats with your cute asses...
0.929 Hope you are both enjoying the holidays AND will grace the theater seats with your cute asses...
0.921 I LOVE using those pens too, they're the best to write small with :)
0.914 This sub seems to be more of "check out my pretty writing" instead of useful tips and tricks like this to actually help improve handwriting.
0.906 It's like a child trying to say I love you, an innocence and well meaning being transmitted that makes you feel warm and fuZZY.
0.906 It's fun, a good skill to have, and helps with hand control!

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.872 If you sent me a note/email/text with high school spelling mistakes, quite simply, it is **not** going to work out. For lots of people, the anxiety is out of a fear of rejection.
-0.836 Even the askee can succumb to anxiety or nervousness, only regretting that they rejected him or her after the fact.
-0.821 I'M DEAD BROKE, SON! But in all seriousness, what do you recommend?
-0.802 Poor Beethoven was never truly appreciated for his artwork.
-0.788 I think I prefer them to loops, but some habits die hard.
-0.783 Using a bad word that lost its shock value 50 years ago makes you quite the rebel.
-0.769 It's totally degrading and contradicting.
-0.751 No problem, it can be difficult to tell through text sometimes.
-0.743 I was just about to comment that it makes sense Beethoven's clef is shitty, considering he was blind.
-0.735 That capital H, tho! And what's with the ass obsession?
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