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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.955 Honestly, I love my Strat much more yet I take care of the SG better, probably because of the beautiful shiny, black nitro finish.
0.947 The Squier guitars are FANTASTIC guitars for their price range, definitely the best of the best in beginner guitars.
0.940 Also I don't know if it's intentional but your singing goes really well with the album art and it's kind of like a wolf howl at certain points I love it!
0.933 Every riff and lick is timed perfectly with expression, and the bass sits so beautifully into the groove it's awesome.
0.915 This is amazing, thank you for sharing. It's so much gain though, I could never control that.
0.912 Instead, just keep learning licks and make sure you can articulate each lick perfectly, and play it every single time perfect.
0.891 If somebody loves bubblegum pop then they are not any less of a listener than someone who loves Bob Dylan, or classical, or jazz, or Swedish black metal. Let people enjoy things dammit
0.885 Also the Captain is super humble so it's easy to tell the two enjoyed the conversation.
0.883 Most of them sound like the experience was spiritual. For one guitar player to be looked at so reverently, so passionately by so many other guitar greats says something way more powerful.
0.883 Periphery's instruments at least) Also I have a new found love for older pop like Stevie Wonder and Motown, as well as new funk/soul bands like Vulfpeck.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.854 I'm not going to get into the argument of "Oh well it takes talent because of this blah blah blah" because I know it takes skill, but it bores me to death.
-0.844 Ill be the bad hombre you all need and deserve. Ill start taking orders tomorrow
-0.830 It's a quick and dirty fix to a more severe problem that would eventually need to be properly addressed anyway.
-0.813 When I go out to buy a guitar, that shit better look classic and clean, not like some bright green/yellow striped shit that distracts the audience from the music.
-0.813 If you think of a song like a story, what kind of story starts angry, continues angry, and ends angry?
-0.807 People are such pieces of shit, I hate seeing this stuff happen.
-0.805 I think people should understand the difference in concepts of weight and mass, but arguing that you don't weigh 80kg because kg isn't a unit of weight is ridiculous.
-0.802 I can sweep pick and play a ton of cool solo shit, but with poor rhythm guitar skills it drives me crazy.
-0.791 I love the neck on my Gio bass, but no matter how much I adjust the tone or my attack it has no personality.
-0.772 They are quitters and when they die they'll be unhappy that they were that way.
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