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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.969 If they have virtue of justice, virtue of resolve and virtue of courage they're a guardian but if they have spear of justice, wings of resolve and shield of courage they're a dhunter.
0.954 I spent way too long there haha), I am so in love with this <3 It's beautiful, thanks for sharing!
0.952 I imagine the champ train rotation is the best way to do this, as you get the bonus rewards and champ bags.
0.952 It's great when you can tell love and effort was put into creating something :) If you ever need a female voice, feel free to bug me!
0.943 It was definitely a mixed bag in certain areas, but the monetary gain speaks for itself: HoT was a huge success.
0.930 Go girl :D That's one of those moments where the thoughtfulness is almost a better gift than the actual gift.
0.926 I send hugs and debugs <3 ty all for keeping the sub fun with stuff like this.
0.923 Can't wait to see the WoW players who dissed certain GW2 features praise WoW for adopting the same exact features, sub fee not included.
0.922 You happen to not care about PvP, but that's like saying "I didn't like the story you put out, so I don't count it as content". In a free to play game we got: - New PvE map.
0.918 i especially would love playing thief... last time i checked it was pretty balanced, although there were differences in strength.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.955 I think that when people have a bad attitude towards a thief they do even worse than they would have originally since they essentially give up and then when they lose they blame the thief.
-0.922 If the players fails to kill the vines then an Exalted must sacrifice itself to kill off all the Mordrem in the area.
-0.917 Non-thieves might not like how squishy thieves appear to them but thief players know how durable a thief can be.
-0.908 Hell if they are on your team you've probably lost already because they expect to be carried or *intentionally* playing bad because the team *sucks*, so just ignore them.
-0.904 I think one of the points that this thread fails to address is that thief has a very high skill cap and that most thieves are not as good as you.
-0.892 Being jaded gets you upvotes on this subreddit but I doubt a lot of the people complaining about a lack of content have even exhausted 1/4 of the collections/achieves in HoT.
-0.886 Has Moas or stealth Good thieves know how to create havoc on the battlefield, most end up being dead weight.
-0.875 Because, you know, not everyone like to use Kill La Kill outifts. Thank you Dulfy.
-0.872 Instead targets an enemy player at set intervals It's damage should also be reduced, maybe turn it into percent based damage.
-0.872 Oh my gooooood the rage and shame and grief I felt when I realized what had happened.
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