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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.916 VIP cargo work is basically the securoserve salary every 15 minutes, however VIP work pays out 15-30k per successful mission - the equivalent of a heist setup .
0.908 Well top fun is good fun.
0.902 Moreover, I have been noticing that my crew rank tends to increase when I accomplish certain things like winning a race or completing a set of daily objectives.
0.896 Please please please please please please
0.891 I'm very happy there is this new thing called cocaine business for players to gain money without grinding their eye balls out, and also this import/export thing is very good.
0.859 If players were allowed to sell cars they got for free, that would give the player to make a profit and then people would just buy cars for free and sell them for money.
0.856 I love sprite in real life and love the sprunk vinyls.
0.848 Yeah thank you I figured that out eventually and because I made like 400k yesterday I bought a high end apartment :)
0.848 > I have a chance at winning their $10k and they can only win my pocket change. What you are describing are not the mechanics of betting in GTA.
0.842 I meant generally as a CEO alternating between cargo and VIP missions means all parties get a fair deal.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.951 I'm so fucked. Yet I'll get deeper in shit by buying this big ass garage, because I'll buy this shit even if I have to ~~turn tricks outside of a Up-n-Atom~~ get a Mortgage from Maze Bank.
-0.923 From what I've seen, they mostly involve killing enemies around the vehicle, however I have seen one where you must kill the driver as he's racing the target vehicle.
-0.923 Destroying it has no purpose other than no one getting it. During export destroying it makes the one delivering it lose money.
-0.807 Damn, what the hell?
-0.807 inb4 8 videos titled "GTA ONLINE KEEPS KILLING MY CHARACTER!1!1!1!!11!!!!
-0.805 Sometime I will be missing a single crate when I spawn back in, but that's the worst it's ever gotten.
-0.765 The reason they have no clothes is because in real drug labs, if they force the workers not to wear clothes, they have no place to stash drugs they would potentially try to steal from the operation.
-0.765 They got banned for cheating.
-0.758 If they want a skateboard animation just pull that shit from Bully
-0.751 And then the glitchers look out over the empty shell of a microtransaction cirlcejerk and wonder what the hell Rockstar has done to their game
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